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Safe Routes to School Project


About Safe Routes to School

Update as of 11/12/21:
Due to staffing and material issues, Calculus is not quite completed yet with the helical piers and battered piles. As of 11/11/21 they have 2 helical piers and 6 battered piles remaining to install. They look to complete this 11/12/21. Merlo also was delayed in backfilling at Joslyn and Webber Elementary and are scheduled to be on site tomorrow to complete this work for landscaping.

Update of as 11/4/21:

This week, eastbound Greenshield was shut down in preparation for helical pier installation for the boardwalk. Pier installation is underway and is estimated to be completed Monday, 11/8 at the latest. Pathways at Joslyn and Webber will be paved tomorrow (11/5,) completing HMA paving operations on the project.

Next week, the pier extensions will be cut to proper elevation, brackets installed, and boardwalk installation will begin. Meanwhile, Merlo will backfill around the paved pathways for landscaping restoration to come in (day TBD.)

Update as of 11/3/21:
Greenshield Rd Closure & Detour Map

Update as of 10/28/21:
On Tuesday, a subcontractor came out and installed fence termination posts at Scripps Middle School (1 ea), Orion Oaks (2 ea), and Joslyn Road (3 ea.) The contractor then went to Greenshield and removed 18ft. of guardrail and placed grabber cones in its place. Merlo was on site and stripped soil at 3633 Joslyn’s driveway and added aggregate base, compacting it in preparation of HMA.

Due to rain Monday and yesterday, the HMA paving subcontractor did not pave this week. I am waiting to hear from them as to when they are rescheduling.

Next week Monday, the helical pier subcontractor will mobilize and begin installing piers at Greenshield for boardwalk construction.

Update as of 10/21/21:
Contractor has not worked this week as of yet. We are waiting to hear from Merlo if they will be on site tomorrow or Saturday to possibly add a culvert across the pathway just south of the soil stabilization area and recompact the area, as well as working on adjusting 3633 Joslyn’s width of their driveway.
As for next week, ASI may be paving Webber Elementary and Joslyn Monday – we are waiting for confirmation. The helical piers may be installed at Greenshield next week as well, we are waiting for confirmation on that as well.

Update as of 10/14/21:
This week, Merlo worked at Joslyn Road just south of Waldon, grading for and installing the soil stabilization system over the marsh area as well as the aggregate base for the pathway connecting the existing trail points. The contractor also graded and installed the aggregate base at Webber Elementary. Weather permitting, paving will commence this afternoon at both locations.
Next week, should paving be completed (weather permitting), Merlo will backfill against the newly paved pathways on Monday and Tuesday with turf restoration to follow.
We are still waiting and actively pushing for a start date for the helical pier installation at Greenshield.

Update as of 9/23/21:
Joslyn/Flintridge – The new drainage structures were installed, backfilled, and are prepped for concrete. Concrete will be poured on Friday, weather permitting.

Orion Oaks – Merlo backfilled against the curbs and pathway at Orion Oaks, and Tranquility Springs placed topsoil, fertilizer, seed, and straw mulch.

Indianwood/Paint Creek Elementary – Merlo cleaned up excess debris and refuse and began grading for the shoulder between Indianwood Road and the pathway, as well as backfilling against the pathway on the northern side to prep for restoration.

Rain has halted operations for 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday.) Inlet filters for drainage structures were removed in the Round Tree Subdivision in preparation for the incoming rain and because construction has been completed except for minor punch list items.

Friday, concrete will be poured on Joslyn, backfilling and grading for the shoulder will continue on Indianwood Road. Next week, the contractor plans to begin work at Webber Elementary and the soil stabilization system on Joslyn Road.

Update as of 9/17/21:

The contractor has been working this week on Joslyn, making saw cuts, removing sidewalk and curb, and is in the process of installing additional storm culvert and structures to improve drainage. The top lift of the pathway at Paint Creek Elementary is being paved today, as well as both lifts of the pathway east of the school on Indianwood Road.

Next week, the contractor plans to prepare Orion Oaks and Indianwood Road ready for turf restoration, restore the landscape, pour new sidewalk and curb at Joslyn, and begin working on the soil stabilization in the marsh area of Joslyn Road near the apartment complex.

Update as of 9/9/2021:

Orion Oaks – The contractor poured the concrete drive at Orion Oaks and blocked the area off to allow for curing time.

Joslyn/Flintridge – The contractor removed the abandoned consumers lines from the southwest intersection corner and poured the sidewalk ramp yesterday. The contractor started at 3:00pm and the concrete truck was gone at 3:40pm, just before Carpenter Elementary released students. The contractor had a flagger to help direct traffic to help alleviate issues leading up to release. 

Indianwood – The holes were dug for the modular wall wooden railing posts, the concrete was poured, and the railing pieces are currently being installed. This should be completed by Friday this week. The contractor has been fine grading for the shared use pathway. They had to undercut at a section at Creekwood and Indianwood, about 57x11x0.67, then began placing aggregate base. This should be completed and density tests completed by Friday this week.

Next week, the contractor is planning on paving the pathway on Indianwood, grading the mound at the corner of Huntington and Holland, and working on Work Order 3 on Joslyn Rd.

Update as of 8/23/2021:

The modular block retaining wall on Indianwood Rd. will be completed by 8/24.  The Wood safety railing will proceed next week.  Grading will proceed in the near future.

Orion Oaks Campus, ASI is scheduled to pave next week (Tentative).  The concrete will be placed after HMA, to be completed by the end of next week.  Restoration will follow.

Merlo indicated they will repair the hydrant on Waldon Rd and place the new hydrant on Round Tree next week.  OHM will generate a preliminary punch list next week for Round Tree, Huntington, Scripps and Stadium schools. 

Update as of 8/12/2021:

Turf establishment was completed Monday in the Round Tree Sub and between Scripps Middle School and Stadium Drive Elementary. Rapid flashing beacons have been installed at Scripps Road, Waldon Road, and East Flint Street. Brush will be cleared around the beacons on Scripps Road to increase visibility to drivers.

The contractor began operations at the Orion Oaks campus, grading and placing the aggregate base for the HMA pathway and concrete driveway. Concrete is estimated to be poured Monday, 8/16. Access to the Polly Ann Trail can be found by parking in the township parking lot and following the stone trail to the Polly Ann Trail. The township birdhouse was also relocated out of the way of the proposed driveway loop.

The contractor also began operations on Indianwood Drive for the modular wall for the HMA pathway. The contractor has excavated the area, placing footings with compacted aggregate base. The contractor also has a portion of the wall installed and is currently installing the underdrain and geotextile fabric for stability. Next week, the contractor will begin to backfill against the wall as they build upward in preparation for grading for the pathway.

Update as of 7/29/2021:

Contractor finished the pathway at Scripps MS and Stadium Drive Elementary yesterday. Contractor had to replace a culvert under the driveway parking lot due to an existing drainage issue in order to extend the culvert under the pathway. Contractor is prepping the driveway area that was removed for repaving operations. The Round Tree subdivision is scheduled to have restoration occur Monday, 8/2. Contractor will begin operations at Orion Oaks campus the middle of next week.

Update as of 7/15/2021:

The weather continues to impact progress on the project.  We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience. 

 Joslyn Road: A punch list has been issued to the contractor to complete.  

 Round Tree & Huntington Subdivision: Concrete sidewalk and most of the Asphalt driveway approaches are complete.  Irrigation repairs continue and are mostly complete.  Grading around sidewalks and driveways will continue as well as placement of topsoil and seeding (weather permitting).   

 Scripps & Stadium Schools – Grading has started and will continue, as well as placement of aggregate base. 

Update as of 7/09/2021:
The weather has greatly impacted progress on the project.  However, the contractor is doing the best they can with the wet conditions to keep the project moving forward.  We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience. 

Joslyn Road: Restoration was recently completed and a punch list will be generated for the contractor to complete.  

Round Tree & Huntington Subdivision:  Concrete sidewalk and asphalt driveway approaches continue and should be completed soon (weather pending).  Irrigation repairs continue as well as grading around the completed sidewalks and driveways.   

Scripps & Stadium Schools: Grading has started and will continue as well as placement of aggregate base. 


The Charter Township of Orion, in conjunction with the Lake Orion Community Schools and the Road Commission for Oakland County had applied for the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Grant Program for eight (8) elementary and middle schools campuses within Orion Township. The grant application was approved and OHM Advisors, our engineering consultant, completed design for the infrastructure portion of the project. This project is out to bid and once a contractor is selected, the project will begin construction Spring 2021.

The Township is able to install these new pedestrian facilities at no cost to the individual property owner to provide pedestrian facilities that will promote a safer walking environment for children and as well as the community. You can view an interactive map of the projects, and below are the proposed improvements, listed per school campus.  

Carpenter Elementary:

  • Install a 6 ft wide sidewalk along Joslyn Road (on the east side) from Silverbell Road, north to Flintridge Street.
  • Install a 10 ft wide pathway along Joslyn Road filling the pathway gap between Mapleview Drive and the Polly Ann Trail.
  • Install a 5 ft wide sidewalk along Flintridge Street from Gainesborough Drive to Joslyn Road.

Orion Oaks Elementary:

  • Install a 10 ft wide pathway for from the northeast corner of the Orion Center property, north to the south side of Orion Oaks School Buildings existing pathway.

Paint Creek Elementary:

  • Install a 10 ft wide pathway along the north side of the roadway from the east side of Paint Creek School property, toward the east and ending at Creekwood Drive.
  • Install a 10 ft wide pathway on school property that connects roadside infrastructure to internal campus infrastructure.

Scripps Middle School:

  • Install 10 ft wide elevated pedestrian facility from the southeast quadrant of Lapeer Road (existing pathway facilities at starting point) and Greenshield Road, to the east, then crossing north over Greenshield Road (non-elevated street crossing) to the existing pathway in front of Gs Pizza.
  • Install 5 ft wide sidewalk on each side of Huntington Road from the existing pathway on the south side of Scripps Road, continuing south/west to the intersection of Huntington Drive and Round Tree Drive, then continuing to the ending point of Round Tree Drive and Huntington Drive.
  • Construct 10 ft wide pathway from the intersection of Scripps Road/Bald Mountain Trail, and Starlight Trail, to connect two existing pathways on the edge of school property with ADA Ramp upgrade as well.

Stadium Elementary School:

  • Install a 10 ft wide pathway on the south side of Scripps Road, connecting an existing pathway and running north to connect to existing Stadium Elementary school pathway.
  • Upgrade to Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB) style pedestrian crossing at Scripps and Huntington Drive.

Waldon Middle School:

  • Install a 5 ft wide sidewalk to fill the current gap within the pedestrian facilities along Waldon Road in front of the Stoney Ridge Drive homes.
  • Install a 10 ft wide pathway along Waldon Road, the pathway will be located on west side of the existing parking lot, connecting to the existing pedestrian facilities that are roadside to the existing facilities at the school entrances.
  • Upgrade existing pedestrian crossing to RRFB style crossing, west of Aldrin Drive.

Webber Elementary School:

  • Install a 10 ft wide pathway on east side of the school’s driveway, connecting existing pedestrian facilities along Clarkston Road then running south to connect to an existing school path at Webber Elementary.

Blanche Sims Elementary School:

  • Install an RRFB crossing system for Blanche Sims Elementary at the intersection of Flint and Florence Street.

The Township will have a contractor remove all of the trees this year to comply with these federal constraints. The Township offers a replacement tree for every tree removed from your property. All residents that require a tree removal will be contacted directly with a mailing.

Please be assured that we are working hard to minimize construction impacts on residents and businesses, and that we are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. All pedestrian facilities will be constructed similar to other areas within the Township that have sidewalks/pathways.

We will be having a webinar style meeting with a questions and answers section for viewers. This meeting information will be available soon.

Please continue to check the Township website for all updates related to this project.